Featuring compositions by Stuart Saunders Smith, Paul Elwood, Kevin Volans and James Tenney, “Night” focuses on percussion music that gradually unfolds over time. This isn’t minimalist music necessarily; rather it’s music that alternates between flurries of activity and moments of stillness, music that allows sounds time to be fully heard and to envelope the listener, music that tells non-linear stories, music with ringing bells and thundering drums.

"Night" was released in 2014 on New Toronto Records (NTR001).  Recording and mixing by Ray Dillard, mastering by Zen Mastering.  Artwork by Mark Uhre, layout and design by Jamie Drake. Produced by Jamie Drake. 


I’ve been fortunate to play on some great albums along with lots of other fine musicians.  Here are a few of them:

  • “Katana of Choice” (Ben Reimer, Release in 2017)
  • Soul Run” (Tanika Charles, 2015)
  • John and Jen” (20th Anniversary Recording) (Broadway Records, June 2015)
  • Without A Map” (TorQ Percussion Quartet, Bedoint Records, November 2014)
  • Invocation/Transformations” (Muskox, September 2011)
  • two + two” (TorQ Percussion Quartet, Bedoint Records, September 2011)
  • “Shanty Song/Sailor” (Muskox/Bruce Peninsula, Bruce Trail and Apple Crisp Records, March 2010)
  • TorQ Percussion Quartet” (TorQ Percussion Quartet, Bedoint Records, November 2009)
  • 5 Pieces” (Muskox, Standard Form, October 2009)
  • “Percussionique:  The Complete Percussion Music of Michael S. Horwood” (Toronto Percussion Ensemble, Albany Records, August 2009)
  • “Ming: music of Alice Ping Yee Ho” (Beverley Johnston, Centredisc Records, April 2009)
  • “Gallantries” (Muskox, May 2008)
  • “Fever Dream” (Muskox, January 2007)
  • “Caveman Caveman Crystal Skulls”  (Muskox, October 2006)
  • “Songs of Elsewhere” (Samuel Andreyev, Torpor Vigil Industries, 2002)