Music education is incredibly important, and I am fortunate to be able to participate in helping build musical literacy in students in a number of ways.  Chief among those is my work with TorQ.  We've performed for almost 150,000 students, have led masterclasses and clinics at universities throughout North America, and are about to run our sixth annual TorQ Percussion Seminar for college-level percussionists.

My work with the Hamilton Children's Choir also necessarily ties into music education.  In working with a choir, I strive to bring a different perspective to the choristers than they might get otherwise - one informed by my relationship with rhythm, and many hours performing for audiences.  I'm also privileged to be able to introduce percussion concepts to kids in the choir, and to expand their horizons through exercises in body percussion, improvisation, and listening.

Private Teaching

Because of my often irregular schedule, I don't typically teach regular private lessons; most students learn best when they have a regular lesson schedule, and I feel it's not fair to the student when I can't always provide that.  I do, however, sometimes teach students who are interested in working towards a specific goal, whether it be an exam, university entrance audition, etc.  If you're interested in lessons, please contact me.  You can also read about my teaching philosophy here.